Duties of Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management

Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management is in charge of laboratory safety, environmental supervision, purchase of instruments and experimental materials, large instruments sharing and management, and the construction of laboratory technician staff. It also assists in the plan and construction of laboratory, and supports teaching, scientific researches, social service and innovation with laboratory resources. The main duties are as follows:

No.1: Laboratory Management

1.Construction of laboratory safety responsibility system and regulations;

2.Construction of safety education, training, assessment and safety culture;

3.Regular safety inspections and supervisions;

4.Construction and management of the laboratory technician staff and supervision team;

5.Management of physical examinations, health records and health allowance of special position personnel;

6.Construction and management of laboratory informatization. Relevant statistical analysis and report;

7.Assistance in the plan, declaration and upgrading of the laboratory;

No.2: Laboratory Equipment and Materials Management

8.Purchase of facilities and materials for teaching and scientific researches;

9.Acceptance, repair and benefit assessment of large instruments and equipment;

10.Construction and operation management of large instruments and equipment sharing platforms;

11.Assistance in tax-free service and follow-up services for imported equipment, along with tax refund service for domestic equipment.

No.3: Laboratory Safety and Environmental Protection Management

12. License, purchase, storage of common chemical reagents, dangerous chemicals, laboratory animals and pathogenic microorganism and so on. Management of dangerous chemical warehouses;

13. Technical safety supervision on chemical safety, biosafety, radiation safety electromechanical safety and special equipment safety;

14. Management of the collection, temporary storage and disposal of hazardous waste in the laboratory;

15. Supervision on the construction and operation of environmental protection equipment and other essential facilities in the laboratory.

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